This is Were (me) :< , a cyborg. Just sad that the humans in SDead can’t stand cyborgs. Or anything else artificial. That’s why we left. Searching for paradise :<

Made this little concept art on the same day they told me comics were not art. A artist can use comic based style in order to create art, but making comics is not art.. that’s what they said.

Sometimes I get the feeling that all these mainstream artists with their abstract and / or readymade shit have been f***ed into the head. Excuse these vulgar expressions. I’m still pissed.

2 thoughts on “Were

  1. Don’t let people tell you what is and isn’t art. What “art” truly is has been debated for hundreds of years, and we still cannot agree on what it actually is. Leo Tolstoy wrote a small book on “what is art?” and it might interest you to read it. His point of view was that “art” was basically anything that caused others to feel a strong emotion. So from that perspective, movies and comic books have the edge over stuffy abstract art. Throw that in the face of those shithead mainstream artists next time. 😉
    Beautiful drawing by the way.

    • Thank you for your advise, I’ll look up that book 🙂
      Other people’s opinions on the subject could be ignored – but it isn’t that easy when it comes from professors at the university :/

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