Alien Sword concept



See… That’s why I usually don’t participate in contests.

Not winning  -> lots of work for nothing.




Actually that artwork’s name is “god”. Why? Cuz of “holy trinity” and so on.
The truth is: I got a certain amount of wood and was told to make a work out of it. I figured out thta this construction looks kinda interesting — architecture -wise. Then I looked up the meaning of triangles and stumbled upon “holy trinity” -> named artwork “God” -> insta win.
Bet If I did a model of that “Bird – Aircraft” thing that’s in my head for while, so one would’ve liked it.
See? That modern art bullshit is nothing but a fucking Lie.
And that crappy artwork belongs to me… unfortuna<tely.
I think I can only become a really famous artist when I’m drunk 24/7.