Actually that artwork’s name is “god”. Why? Cuz of “holy trinity” and so on.
The truth is: I got a certain amount of wood and was told to make a work out of it. I figured out thta this construction looks kinda interesting — architecture -wise. Then I looked up the meaning of triangles and stumbled upon “holy trinity” -> named artwork “God” -> insta win.
Bet If I did a model of that “Bird – Aircraft” thing that’s in my head for while, so one would’ve liked it.
See? That modern art bullshit is nothing but a fucking Lie.
And that crappy artwork belongs to me… unfortuna<tely.
I think I can only become a really famous artist when I’m drunk 24/7.

The title is a spy

Sorry for that long break. I had some rl peoblems which needed to be taken care of. However, I got some works / photos of works (most of them wip ofc) that I will upload soon.

As for now, I have a photo of my huge dragon sculpture. Or at least a part of it 🙂


I’m renovating it. I added some attachment so it can be put on the wall. (which is difficult cause that thing’s really heavy . I can hardly carry it alone. ) Also fixing the parts that have been broken over the time (mostly the claws). And the most time consuming of all: the sanding. I have to polish this like 4 meter long monster with sand paper. But I really enjoy doing it.

I started working on the dragon like 1 1/2 years ago. It’s made from plaster and Moltofill. No cast, but modelled. Modelling plaster is a pain in the ass ~_~

Here are some older images