Wish you merry christmas


Wish you merry christmas

…or whatever.
Here, have this very christmas – esque illustration,



So this is a Land Shark, the species shall be called “Kanis’lachii”. The very individual displayed on the artwork is used by the executional fraction , the S³.

Due to the genetical development of humans, triggered by certain chemicals – intended or as a side effect of drug abuse – ,using animals such as normal dogs to help tracking down criminals has proven to be ineffective.

A new breed of animal was necessary to help the S³ get rid of disruptive factors. The Land shark has turned out to be immune to pain (There are theories saying that it’s nervous system is so under developed, it’s not even able of feeling pain), incredible fast and endurable, but also very hard to control.

The lack of control sometimes causes the to literally rip their target apart instead of just tracking it down. Ways have been developed to make them controllable, using light electroshocks (To make it run into the desired direction) and chemicals (to fight undesired behaviour).

Land sharks are also kept by Gangster bosses as some kind of prestige object.

It can bite with a power of about 18.000 N/cm² The average height is about 1.3 m.


It’s finished. Actually I already got it finished like 1 week ago, but I had too much to do last week.
And by “having too much to do” I mean “getting drunk and having a blackout”.

The title is a spy

Sorry for that long break. I had some rl peoblems which needed to be taken care of. However, I got some works / photos of works (most of them wip ofc) that I will upload soon.

As for now, I have a photo of my huge dragon sculpture. Or at least a part of it 🙂


I’m renovating it. I added some attachment so it can be put on the wall. (which is difficult cause that thing’s really heavy . I can hardly carry it alone. ) Also fixing the parts that have been broken over the time (mostly the claws). And the most time consuming of all: the sanding. I have to polish this like 4 meter long monster with sand paper. But I really enjoy doing it.

I started working on the dragon like 1 1/2 years ago. It’s made from plaster and Moltofill. No cast, but modelled. Modelling plaster is a pain in the ass ~_~

Here are some older images





Ae and Aye


You are walking down the street when you run into these two friendly friendly looking men who offer you some candy.

Their names are Ae and Aey – they used to be Gangers in NdrSdt, and of course this includes all the things that come with being a Ganger: Violence, Drug abuse, etc etc..

However, years ago they decided to quit NdrSdt and move back to Mehnsdt, leaving behind their ganger life. So they can live a normal life among all the normal people in the city. Of course that’s not easy- especially not when your body and your brain is badly damaged from all the drug abuse, making it obvious that you are anything but normal.

Now they try to sell candy on streets of that big city- the city of the normal people.

Is it working? Of course not. They always get sent back by the security to where they came from. Normal people don’t want freaks like them around.